Ormus Minerals Foliage Leaves Spray (Concentrate)

Ormus Minerals -FOILAGE and LEAVES Spray (Concentrate)

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  Welcome to the world of Ormus how it can help you reach your potential in life and health.

Ormus, more easily understood as essential minerals abundantly found in seawater and previously unknown to modern scientist; a researcher, David Hudson, rediscovered these essential elements by accident.

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 We want to introduce you toour Ormus Minerals For Plants Products updated this Spring 2019, r and want to share all about Ormus with you.
After over 8 million dollars of extensive testing and observation, these minerals showed fantastic and mystical behaviors detectable in not only plants, but also the human body and the mind.
     Monatomic elements in a high spin state (m-state) is another name for these minerals. Thought to be super conductive and super fluid, they may benefit every living cell by improving energy flow. A good visual example, described by Barry Carter, is to imagine new batteries put into your cell phone and fixing the antenna for an increase in communication ability.

Foliar Spray

 Ormus Minerals Ormus diluted to a 0.5% solution, One half ounce/gallon of water, can be used as a foliar spray

A minimum of 3 applications per season applied at 2 to 3 week intervals are recommended.Ormus used at this rate works well to suppress both powdery and downy mildews.

 Concentrate amounts

 An 8 oz bottle provides you with 16 gallons of Ormus water at the use rate of 1 tablespoon per gallon as the 32 ounce bottle will provide 64 gallons of Ormus water.

 Application times

 If in an intensive operation, use twice to three times per crop.
Once at the beginning of the vegetative state, then just as flowering stage begins and then again about half-way through the fruiting season


 Always  dilute  the  Ormus  with  water  prior  to  use.  Use  at  a
concentration at or  less than 1%  strength. One gallon of Ormus added  to 128 gallons of water equals a 1% solution.

About 2 tablespoons (one  ounce) per gallon equals  a ~0.9% solution. 
There is latitude either side of this value.

Three tablespoons/1.5 ounces on the high side and one teaspoon/gallon on the low end works in.

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Ormus Minerals
Foliage and Leaves Spray (Concentrate)

Ormus Minerals
for Plants

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Ormus Minerals - Foliage & Leaves Spray

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