Ormus Minerals Onset Seed Enhancer

Ormus Minerals -Onset SEED Enhancer

 Ormus Minerals Plant Microflora Stimulant Information

  • Time to maturity is shortened slightly while yields, at a maximum are 50% greater (some growers get yields 2 to 3 times greater
  • Time to maturity is shortened slightly while yields, at a minimum, are 50% greater.
    Some growers even get yields 2 to 3 times greater!
  • Because the plants are so vibrant it even buys the grower some tolerance when grown with hydroponic systems if there happens to be some kind of mechanical failure that isn't corrected right away.
  • The plants are far more resistant to:
    insects,disease, mold, fungus, and variations in light intensity

Soaking Seeds
in Ormus solution before planting

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  • Because the ORMEs are trans-dimensional in nature, young plants that begin as clones have demonstrated genetic changes enhancing the plants best attributes.
  • When soaking seeds in a 1/2% Ormus solution seed eruption nears 100% and vigorous root growth is quickly seen.
  •  For virtually every crop, especially crops that command a high dollar per pound at market time, there truly is no greater return on investment that you can make right now than the addition of monatomics found in Ormus Minerals Ormus to grow your produce

Ormus Minerals Roots

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Ormus Minerals
Onset Seed Enhancer

Soaking Seeds

INGREDIENTS: natural solution for soaking seeds before you plant

Ormus Minerals -ONSET SEED Enhancer





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Ormus Minerals - Onset Seed Enhancer

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